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Dopis z Francie směrem k FCI a CDL

21. 2. 2015

M. Christian MARTIN Le délégué de la C.D.L. Représentant La France, la S.C.C. la C.N.U.L.
Libourne le 18 /02/ 2015   
Monsieur le Président de la FCI Monsieur le Président de la CDL Chers délégués internationaux  
France will not present a delegation to the next racing and coursing  championships organized in 2015 in Finland and in Germany.  Note, please, France had four international titles to defend in 2015.
This decision is the result of the silence of the authorities of the FCI and the CDL as for the questioning which we had evoked by mail on last  August (2014) and January 27th, 2015.
To date no answer has been made.  The facts denounced in our mails are serious and some get worse year by year.
- Mix of greyhounds’ breeds (for example:  Afghans Salukis) to consistently produce faster at the expense of the standard. Solutions are possible with the establishment of a DNA card for each dog. What do we want to impose this card?   
- Creation of a category “Whippet Sprinter “ inside the Championship. What is the relationship with the breed standard?  What we e wish for this race?  Recognize a change in the size, create an intermediate race between the Whippet and Greyhound? In that case, which we don’t agree, and if we reason by contradiction, why not allow the same evolution between the Italian greyhound and the Whippet?  
- Establishment of a database of the sizes of each Whippet and PLI. Yes, that's obvious, but only fueled by size checked during the two annual championships, and in the presence of leaders from the CDL.  
- Make the median (and not the average) of the points awarded by the three Coursing judges in the championship, to avoid incomprehensible differences, which mean no credible points for a large number of users of the sport.  
- Improve control over doping, stop the blood levies and focus on urine tests.
Secrétariat C.N.U.L : Patricia MONIOT - 31 chemin des Treilles – Le Caillevat - 33910 ST DENIS DE PILE – FRANCE tél : + 33 (0)  e-mail : picarden@orange.fr  
- Limit the competitors’ number to championships, to enhance the safety of animals and to respect the breed standards.   Impose the obligation to have obtained a qualification in an international exhibition ( “Very Good”) before any registration in a national team; that  seems obvious. Currently about 700 greyhounds registered annually Coursing Championships barely 200 have this qualification. The title is awarded to winners of each race and gender only holder of this qualifier: this situation is an usurpation of participation.  
France will be present at the CDL meeting in Helsinki to defend a conception of sport Greyhounds, which we know is shared by many countries.
If no answer is given to all these facts of this letter in the next months, the Greyhounds’ sport in Europe will most likely to concern a representation of subjects distant from the official standards.
 Credibility is already well under way.
With these words, France wished to explain its position, so that it is known of all of you.
Sincerely Yours.   
Le président de la C.N.U.L.     Le délégué de la CDL pour la France. Jean Louis Brassat Lapeyriere                                                                 Christian MARTIN




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